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Waifunator 5 – Tomb Raider is the pornography spoof in which this person with a fantastic gadget winds up halting in the realm of Tomb Raider to screw all the waifus. Everything begins in the wilderness, with our fortune tracker Lara Croft who was watching a fortune map with a cross that denotes where it is. The entry to the landmark was open and that was a piece bizarre, since somebody would have entered before her.

A sound can be heard from the highest point of the trees, from a distance I was unable to determine what they were, however they wound up falling into the arms of Lara. Samus was on top of Lara and couldn’t quit liking her delightful body. She attempted to tempt her with her charms, however evidently Lara was somewhat occupied, albeit that was a walk in the park for Samus.

She started to kiss her gradually while he took her garments off and they were both lying on the floor. Samus needed to have a good time after all that had occurred and he was not going to pass up on the amazing chance to screw his companion he had met a couple of days prior and he screwed like a divine being.

Lara was enchanted with all that was going on and Samus requested that the kid remove his suit so the fun started. While she screwed Samus’ pussy and her skips ricocheted on top of Lara, she was simply watching and was a little desirous that she didn’t join the party. Samus and Lara sat together while sucking this current kid’s cockerel and somewhat later, Lara got down on the ground while he screwed her butt. Samus wanted to perceive how the kid cum in the ass of different young ladies and undoubtedly he couldn’t want anything more than to make a trip with him to more undertakings like these.