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Under A Spell [JABComix] This is a jabcomix porn comics a really interesting story, where the mother, a very sexy brunette woman like we like, wants to fuck her oldest son, she sees that he is big and that he has to have a really big cock, pleased, The boy knows that his mother is in love with him so he goes and when he is going to give him a kiss, he gives it to his mouth and takes advantage of touching his ass and squeezing his buttocks as if it were his girlfriend, she is all happy because his son grabs her, when the mother goes to bathe the son enters to see her and when he sees her completely naked he could not contain himself and his penis stopped super hard, and his mother noticed his strange behavior that he really wanted her, she She enters the shower and starts to pour water so that the baby becomes more crazy about her and sees how the water runs all over her beautiful and sexy body, she goes down to teach her husband an exotic dance and masturbates with a toy in front of him but he does not want to, he does not see her very attractive and ap Arte is very tired and she is trying to have sex with him what he does is go to sleep and she tells him but he took, the mother could not stand it and went to where her son and the boy took her under her pantyhose and passed her the tongue for her pussy until she leaves her crazy with pleasure.