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Uchiha In Blossom. naruto porn sarada-chan is sitting on a bench very thoughtful yet it is not known why she is very depressed and naruto arrives and asks sadara-chan what you have, and she answers it is supposed that my mother would have looked for me but for some reason she has not arrived She with an annoyed face and Naruto answers don’t worry come to my house and wait for her there you will love it, she all happy agrees to go and when Sadara Chan arrives she asks about Boruto and Naruto answers her at the mansion with my wife Hinata, Naruto take advantage That moment to be able to have a little sex with her and he asks her why she does not bathe with him and she accepts and they go to the bathroom and takes off the towel and is naked naruto hentai notice how her beautiful body looks without any defect one A woman that any man would have wanted, she takes advantage of going to lower her friend and takes advantage and touches his penis and masturbates him and then kisses him and Naruto happy that that happened since that was the idea and they begin to have sex and everyone happy and happy and n And his wife or Boruto son found out.