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To Catch A Trainer (Pokemon) [Palcomix] Average 2.7 / 5 out of 3
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A parody porn comic by Palcomix.

A pokemon porn comics about ash and his friends misty and pikachu having sex as much as ash wanted it to be a sex story come true, we see how ash is on an adventure with misty on a beautiful beach with a great view, soon the losers arrive wicked brothers jessie and james interrupting them from their beautiful walk on the beach, but then pikachu comes out and sees that misty and ash are naked and he is impressed that what happened here and the villains crazy for fucking them and they start to fuck him.

when they are fucking him they decide to put him in another room where he is naked iris had also been fucked by the two villains jessie and james they are happy because they are going to have sex with their favorite people, but while they are having sex and ash and misty are going taking pleasure and they are no longer angry what they want is to have non-stop sex with their friends and villains.