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Sweet Sting is a fuzzy pornography comic drawn by Doxy. In this story we see Judy attempting to penetrate a massage parlor to stop a group of crooks.

The hot rabbit professes to be a prostitute, and like each prostitute she needs to focus on her customers. He screws a few crooks who were there, at first she didn’t attempt to appreciate. Yet, with the death of the night he started to appreciate. This being a prostitute made her extremely horny.

His fox companion who was watching everything was astonished to perceive how mind-blowingly his accomplice was. Judy was fucking those crooks and appreciating. When she came and got done with fucking, she called different specialists to stop the trouble makers.

That very evening she was anxious and needed to rehash that experience. With the reason of needing to accumulate hints he went to the whorehouse and started to fill in as a prostitute. Around then they requested that he go with an exceptional customer. This customer was one of the biggest crminals in the city.

Judy needed to do all that they told her so they wouldn’t discover it was a cop. In any case, where it counts she needed to fuck as well. That customer nearly winds up with the attractive rabbit of such a lot of fucking. His head was turning and he was unable to move his beautiful legs.