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This is a XXX comic drawn by JZerosk in which we see a satire of Futurama.

Fry was functioning as a pizza deliveryman, when he needed to take a request to an exceptionally interesting lab. Whenever he showed up there he understood that it was a joke in somebody’s awful taste. Around then, he had a mishap and separated, with the misfortune of falling into an interdimensional entrance.

It arrived at an obscure aspect, in this aspect they were extremely hazardous beasts. At first Fry had an extremely awful time, however he understood that these beasts were exceptionally stupid and with his insight he could without much of a stretch conquer them. He likewise saw that there were hot young ladies in that new world.

Which were effectively conquerable and immediately passed to sex. On one occasion I was strolling when abruptly she heard a few female shouts, she was a hot human-looking young lady. It was whenever he first had seen one in this world and he hurried to save her rapidly. Whenever he was near her she understood that she was a young lady of a size bigger than him.

The young lady needed to give her a thank you gift, yet Fry told her it was excessive. She demanded, he said it was an extremely unique gift that was just given on exceptional events. The goliath started to blow Fry, the two started to fuck. This gift was awesome !!

The hot young lady started to appreciate with Fry’s cockerel and she became invigorated and started to move her hips with expanding power. Fry couldn’t withstand anything else and filled that young lady’s wet pussy with semen. In any case, at that point the youngster’s hips destitute.

Presently he is at this current young lady’s home while he deals with him until he recuperates. This asks pardoning yet Fry demands that it isn’t required that it was the best snapshot of his life.