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In this high schooler titan pornography comic we perceive how Raven is in a condition of laziness. A deminian being says that she will be the person who will vanquish the world and obliterate everything. The youthful wizard does magic on Raven and is alert.

She is exposed and anchored, when her young manager went to visit her she was jerking off. He let him know that to be free, Raven addressed yes. He sent her to the Titans school.

There he incurred for some time, every one of his companions never speculated that she was a devil shipped off obliterate everything. On one occasion when they provided him the request to awaken he was jerking off while sitting tight for his companions. At the point when his cohorts entered they saw Raven stripped. She was squeezing her areolas, while with her other hand she braced her clitoris. Everybody was intrigued to see this, however the provocative Raven washed their brains and caused him to accept that was ordinary.

Every one of those were beguiled aside from a robot that by having a virtual memory was difficult to captivate. So they sent Starfie to screw him to control him. This worked and Raven had assumed responsibility for the school. Presently every one of the young ladies were prostitutes who used to fuck at throughout the hours. Raven’s supervisor became frantic at her. This was not focusing, the main thing she did was screw like insane at throughout the hours.

Around then the two battled, however Raven and his craving for sex wound up overcoming his lord and he turned out to be the person who controlled everything.