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Naruto- The Secret Of Konoha A xxx comic of a naruto character who seems to be scared, very scared because he saw a big penis but then after a while he lets go and this person is Moegi Kazamatsuri and when he is surprised by that big penis he approaches the penis and grabs it with Her hand trembling with fear because she had never seen anything like it and her mouth watered and she began to suck it up to her throat without taking a break until the man took it and all the semen came on her face and she was all impressed with everything. The milk that fell on her face and the guy even who came does not want to stop and destroys her clothes to be able to penetrate her through that cozy and wet pussy, when he puts it, he sees that the woman Moegi Kazamatsuri screams with pleasure and the It doesn’t stop until he comes and she is all happy because they had never fucked her that way so hard and Moegi Kazamatsuri comes out very happy and satisfied.