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Majin Goten is a xxx comic wherein Goten is moved by the evil of magin. The kid has been overwhelmed by an insidious power and uses it to do evil in his as own would prefer. There is nobody on Earth who can stop him and can do all that he needs.

As he is in the time of engaging in sexual relations, he makes a move to screw the most horny young ladies. First he goes for his sibling’s better half. He had been envious all of the time of him for having the option to screw her consistently. I was interested to know what it seemed like to contact her beautiful tits.

At the point when he wrapped up incredibly her, he took off searching for his closest companion’s better half, who was an exceptionally hot young lady as well. Whenever he filled Mai’s pussy, he went looking for Trunks’ mom. There he started to assault her fiercely. Bulma was an exceptionally hot Milf and her boobs were the most horny of Goten.

He saw that his semen ruled ladies and he went looking for additional young ladies, so he started to overwhelm the world. C-18, Bulma, Videl, Mai, Caulifla, Kale, the heavenly messengers and every one of the young ladies known to man were assaulted and overwhelmed by Goten.