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In this porn comics of demon slayer  we see Nezuko Kamado who was asleep but suddenly she gets up and sees that she does not have the strange thing in her mouth she is all very worried not knowing what to do, because without it she cannot control herself for a long time.

While she gets up you see in this xxx comics that she is in her pajamas almost on the floor with her big tits in the air and with her panties on, but she looks at something that is under her older brother Tanjiro Kamado’s pants something hard and strong As what was in her mouth she decides to go to him and find out what the strange thing is.

She, when she approaches him very carefully, lowers Tanjiro Kamado’s shorts and is impressed because it is the same as the house she had in her mouth even better than she expected and her brother had that cock all the time and he had never told her to her sister Nezuko Kamado about it, she can’t stand it so she decides to put it in her beautiful mouth and wet it by running her tongue all over his cock.

Tanjiro Kamado, who was asleep, begins to feel strange, but he still doesn’t know that his sister is giving him the blowjob that he always wanted from her, savoring that beautiful penis, leaving it full of saliva, until his brother Tanjiro Kamado couldn’t stand it and woke up and sees his sister sucking cock and she cums at that moment filling his mouth completely with semen and his face and almost all the perfect body that devil has and that’s how this Reycomix comic ends.