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Jinxed Shadow (Sonic the Hedgehog Teen Titans) [Palcomix]

This is a Palcomix pornography comic where Shadow goes looking for emeralds and meets a provocative young lady. That young lady ends up being Jinx, who was ransacking the pearl bank.

Shadow shows up and stops her, however she tosses a light bomb and flees. The dark hedgehog snickers assuming it is accepted that he will win in a carriage. Out of nowhere Jinx chances upon him and tumbles to the floor of his butt. Curse can see the bras and Sahdow gazes at them.

She becomes irate and asks him for what good reason he was checking out her undies. The hedgehog answers that she is an extremely lovely young lady and they had called her consideration. She is intrigued and can imagine nothing other than kissing him on the mouth. Shadow gets her butt with her hands that gradually move to her pussy. The two start to fuck, Jinx’s pussy is exceptionally tight. This makes the dark hedgehog get more horny. The two appreciate sex until they come. The young lady is extremely horny that she requests that he come inside her.

Curse was really agreeable that she nods off after sex. The hedgehog contemplates whether he should secure her up prison for taking, however it harms him to see such an excellent young lady secured. Additionally after that snapshot of frenzy I was beginning to feel something for her. At the point when she woke up she was in Shadow’s home, he was sitting tight for her to tell her they would have been together for some time. She was happy and ran exposed to kiss her mouth.