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Fry’s Phone List (Futurama) [Sfan] A Porn Comics by Sfan Welcome my beloved users, here we present you a xxx comics of a series that really marked our childhood, a comics where you can see some of your favorite characters fucking each other, having aggressive sex without stopping and other more crazy sex, this story begins with Turanga Leela is walking upset almost with her clothes destroyed as if she were on a mission, annoyed she goes to change her clothes and meets her friend Philip J. Fry where they start to chat and then says goodbye to her, but Philip J. Fry goes an office but he hears a strange noise behind the doors as a moan and he is impressed and he approaches and hears the woman screaming and his cock stops a little as it is getting excited, but what he does not know is that the one in That room is Amy Wong but it turns out that everything is a memory of him, when he decides to go home, he can’t help but think about sex and he just wants to fuck a woman with an excellent body and penetrate her until he can’t and cum on his face with his thick semen, so on the way he says goodbye and changes his way and goes to a laboratory where he sees a very tough woman with blonde hair and he fucks her even in the ass and she is all tired of so much hard sex.