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Emotional Sickness (Teen Titans) [Incognitymous]
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Feeling Sickness is an Incognitymous erotic entertainment comic where Robin, Raven and Starfire have a few happy times in the pool, while examining love among these adolescents. Everything starts when Robin was venturing out in the pool that they had actually worked at the reinforcement of the Teen Titans. Starfire and Raven moreover expected to go for a shower and loosen up after an incredibly disturbing day. Starfire had bought another swimming outfit since her buddy Raven had similarly done it and couldn’t bear the impulse to actuate Robin with her astounding body.

In the wake of talking for some time, the young lady hurled herself entirely into the water to pivot with her crush. However, I was extremely inquisitive to see what befallen him, to see that he was getting red. She inspected his body heat, the shade of his skin and surprisingly split lower of his body. Understanding that his chicken was erect, he was extremely glad to reason that Robin was not gay, since Starfire was infatuated with him. She was from another planet and didn’t see very well the strategy they were doing on earth to have intercourse, so she removed her garments and her swimsuit. She took Robin’s rooster and placed it in her pussy, however he halted her.

The young lady was exceptionally confounded and simultaneously extremely tragic, on the grounds that she wasn’t sure how she ought to satisfy him. Robin attempted to clarify serenely that something like this wasn’t possible in broad daylight and that they were likewise legends who must be exceptionally cautious with what they were doing. Notwithstanding, Raven was worn out on seeing all that and was totally irritated that he thought in a manner that was exceptionally in opposition to Robin.