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After Party is Strong Bana’s xxx comic and erotic satire of LoL Hentai. It all starts with a melodic performance by the K/DA band that celebrates in style. Ezreal, a hot contender for League of Legends, is eager to see his fetish sing. One of them winked at him, and Ezreal was ecstatic only at the small gesture. Soon after, when the show ended, Ezreal had a different design, giving his golden calf a package with something very unique in it that he needed to convey anyway.

In the hallway, Ezreal cautiously stepped into the room they were in, though he had to be careful with the nearby security personnel. After leaving the gatekeeper and going through the ventilation tunnel, one of the ducts broke apart abruptly, but I ended up in a similar position where he needed it. Akali was terrified to see a child fall from the canopy, but he seemed innocuous.

She asks what his status is, but he clarifies that he has a gift to give and that he will leave. Akalia saw something different, this kid had an erection and couldn’t miss a precious opportunity to have a good time. She’s been very focused lately and hasn’t had the chance to be with other young people, so this would be her best ideal opportunity.